Donations are accepted at the back door of the store during the hours of 10:00AM to 3:00PM Monday through Saturday. Drive around back to the loading/unloading area. If you have large items and would like to schedule a pick up for your donation, please call the store at (770) 486-8517.

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Items We Can Accept

  • All clothes that are in good condition and clean
  • Workable and good condition small household appliances with power cords
  • All sorts of household items ranging from dishes to knick-knacks
  • Kids toys and games in good and workable condition
  • Bikes, scooters, kids play houses, etc
  • Baby supplies and furniture.
  • Beds (frames, headboards), desks, tables, chairs, cabinets etc.
  • Working electronic equipment like radios, TVs, speakers, VCR/DVD, microwaves, amplifiers (must have power cords).
  • Patio equipment and generally anything that can be put outside.
  • Tools including working lawn mowers, trimmers, and etc. As long as it can be placed outside in the store’s patio.
  • Current working computer outfits (no more than 5 years old), printers, monitors (newer and larger than 15 inches) and electronic accessories.
  • Sports equipment


Items We Cannot Accept

  • Car/golf batteries – any large battery
  • Inoperative computers, printers, computer monitors (old and small are unacceptable)
  • Building materials, like windows, lumber, sinks, doors, etc
  • Large appliances, like washing machines, etc
  • Mattresses
  • Tires
  • Paints – any flammable fluids
  • Dirty, soiled, or ripped clothing
  • Anything that could be classified as trash

Check Your Items

Check to verify your items have not been recalled: Click Here.