Rising college sophomores (and higher) or graduate students are eligible to apply for paid summer internships at The Clothes Less Traveled. Applications are considered based on dedication to volunteer community service, with a requirement of having volunteered at Clothes Less Traveled. Applicant will propose and execute and present a pre-approved project designed to benefit The Clothes Less Traveled. Application deadline is May 15.

For more info, e-mail the Executive Director at


  • Applicant must be a rising college sophomore (and up) or a graduate student.
  • Applicant must have volunteered at Clothes Less Traveled. Volunteer hours do not guarantee applicants an internship award.
  • Applicant must reapply each year for internship.
  • Application Deadline: Post-marked no later than May 15th for Summer Internship.

Internships require 30 to 35 hours per week and are offered during the May to August summer break. Internships are awarded by an application and interview process to students with a history of volunteer work at Clothes Less Traveled. Summer Interns will propose, complete and execute a project in their area of academic interest, to be pre-approved and coordinated by the Executive Director. Interns will be paid for their work hours under direction of the Executive Director.

Completion of a post-internship evaluation form providing feedback to Clothes Less Traveled will be required of all interns. Students will be notified of selection within two weeks of application deadlines. Intern awards will be based upon dedication to community service and quality of the proposed project.

Internship Testimonials