Rising college Sophomores (and higher) or graduate students are eligible to apply for paid summer internships at The Clothes Less Traveled. Applications are considered based on dedication to volunteer community service, with a requirement of having volunteered at CLT. Applicant will propose and execute and present a pre-approved project designed to benefit The Clothes Less Traveled. Application deadline is May 15.

· Applicant must be a rising college Sophomore (and up) or a graduate student.

· Applicant must have volunteered at Clothes Less Traveled. Volunteer hours do not guarantee applicants an internship award.

· Applicant must reapply each year for internship.

· Application Deadline: Post-marked no later than May 15th for Summer Internship.

Internships require 30 to 35 hours per week and are offered during the May to August summer break. Internships are awarded by an application and interview process to students with a history of volunteer work at Clothes Less Traveled. Summer Interns will propose, complete and execute a project in their area of academic interest, to be pre-approved and coordinated by the Store Manager and Clothes Less Traveled Board of Directors. Interns will be paid for their work hours under direction of the Store Manager.
Completion of a post-internship evaluation form providing feedback to Clothes Less Traveled will be required of all interns. Students will be notified of selection within two weeks of application deadlines. Intern awards will be based upon dedication to community service and quality of the proposed project.


Complete An Internship Application

For more info, e-mail Virginia Gibbs CLTScholarshipsandInternships@gmail.com.

Kevin Barbee, Executive Director cltexecdir@gmail.com.

Internship Testimonials

Courtney Brucker

“I worked as a Summer Intern at CLT the past three consecutive summers. During my summers at CLT, I helped out in the back sorting room and completed various intern projects. These projects consisted of a local thrift store price analysis report, the creation of the store Instagram account, a shopper survey, a volunteer safety powerpoint and many more! My internship at CLT was a wonderful first work experience for me and I enjoyed discussing it with potential employers during my interviews! Many took interest in my knowledge and understanding of non profit work and liked that I was able to tailor some of my intern projects towards my business major. I will be graduating in May from The University of Georgia with a major in Finance and a Certificate in Legal Studies. This summer I will begin a career in Corporate Finance Advisory working as an Analyst in Atlanta, GA. I have enjoyed working along side very kind, genuine, and fun loving staff and volunteers! The mission and people that are a part of this organization made my time as a CLT Summer Intern a very positive and enjoyable experience that I will not forget.”






IMG_9287Toby Jones: “The internship at Clothes Less Traveled really prepared me for my interview and career at J. Crew. Firstly, one of the biggest reasons the manager said she hired me was because of my work at a not for profit organization. She told me that she had worked at a Women’s Shelter and said it was important to see both sides of the income gap to really have a respect for everyone. You soon realize that everyone has a story and that treating them with respect is the only way you can get anywhere in the world. At Clothes Less Traveled there were always people from different walks of life and circumstances – all with a different story. Secondly, she said that the fact I had worked retail previously while maintaining the other jobs assigned to me at Clothes Less Traveled was important for me to understand how to multi-task. After my interview, she told me I had gotten the job; the only reason she was hiring me was because of my experience at Clothes Less Traveled. ”


internship1 Michael Lelak:

“My internship at the Clothes Less Traveled was a great working experience where I had the opportunity to work alongside so many people volunteering their time and talents, it was a life lesson I will always carry and strive to pass on to others. Additionally it helped serve as a talking point, to which employers took a great interest, during my interviews for both college internships and my post college career.”