Our May Above and Beyond is Ms. Boyce Bonwit!  Boyce started volunteering in August of 2015 and volunteers every Monday and Tuesday.  Boyce was recruited by our Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Walker, to “get out of the house” after a dear friend passed away.  Since then she has made a tremendous amount of new friends that love to see her at The Clothes Less Traveled.  Fellow volunteers and staff love Boyce’s consistent and friendly work ethics.  We all would love to aspire to have the energy of Ms. Boyce.  She loves to straighten and help with the linens department and her favorite thing to do is help the store look nice. When not at the shop Boyce is busy with the Comfort Quilters and loves the craft of quilting.   Boyce says everyone at The Clothes Less Traveled is so kind, loving and genuine.   We would say, Ms. Boyce, we are receiving what you give to us.  Thank you for your help and dedication to the Clothes Less Traveled and Congratulations.