Jane McClanahan is our July Above and Beyond winner. Jane has been a volunteer since 2002 when our shop on Huddleston Road was the location to volunteer. She was driving by and saw the thrift store sign and was drawn to our mission and became a dedicated volunteer. Jane has adjusted to the growing business through the years by volunteering in different areas. She has volunteered at the register, dressing rooms, and her current favorite, buggies. She loves the variety of the buggy job and pulling out the treasures. She also loves the interaction with the customers on the floor.
Jane has been a flight attendant for 43 years and currently flies the South American route. She and her husband John are like “fixtures” here at the shop, we couldn’t do without them! She is bilingual and often helps with communicating with our Hispanic shoppers. Not only does she volunteer with us she has also volunteered with mission trips to Latin America. Jane embodies the mission and values of Clothes Less Traveled and embraces our interaction and positive impact on our community with the shopping, donating and voucher giving. It is a full circle opportunity for generosity. Jane, the circle begins and ends with volunteers like you, congratulations and thank you for 14 years of service!
Jane says with a smile, “I get more from volunteering than I feel I give.” Jane you bring energy, an infectious smile and an attitude of teamwork.