Clothes Less Traveled has awarded a Annual Grant of $20,000 to Fayette CARE Clinic.

Pictured Here – Left: Medical Director Jacqueline Harris M.D., Center: Executive Director Deb Presley-Christensen, Right: Interim Executive Director Pam Reid

We were very impressed how every inch of your facility is utilized to provide as many services to your patients as possible. Dental and eye exams, physical therapy, general practice, hypertension programs and more are all medical needs our community requires to thrive. Fayette CARE Clinic changes the lives of the local uninsured and low income workers through quality medical practice, and Clothes Less Traveled is honored to support your clinic.

Their paid staff and volunteer specialty providers are all highly skilled, licensed, health care providers. Their paid medical team meet patients’ primary healthcare needs. Their specialty providers volunteer their time and talents to additionally serve patients’ medical needs.

​​Often uninsured and under-served individuals in our community delay medical care because they cannot afford to see a doctor. This puts them at risk of a health crisis due to a lack of preventive care. For those who do manage an initial doctor visit, many are unable to afford needed medications or follow-up visits to resolve their illness. By providing access to a free medical home and the care they need, Fayette CARE Clinic helps reduce potential health crises for our patients now, and into the future.