The Story of Polarized Times

How a small Hobby, became a big Business.

     My name is Lawron Pinson, and I love vintage cameras. It all started when my friend, Tanner Amaral took me thrifting for the first time, and we found a few old Polaroids. Since then, I have been obsessed with vintage cameras and taking pictures on them. One of the thrift stores that my friends and I often visit is Clothes Less Traveled. There, I have found dozens of vintage cameras and old Polaroids.

     On my thrifting journey I noticed that there are a lot of old cameras out there that were not receiving any love, and likely so many more abandoned as garbage in landfills. I then took it upon myself to buy as many of them as possible and see what I could do to restore, reuse, and recycle them. Eventually, one camera turned into two, two cameras turned into five, and about a year later, I ended up with a collection of dozens of vintage cameras and Polaroids. Many of these cameras came directly from Clothes Less Traveled.

     After I realized that I was pretty deep into this hobby, I started taking the craft more seriously. I shadowed my brother Lawrson D. Pinson on his professional photoshoots, and began to take Polaroids on these shoots. On these shoots I would often give one of my Polaroid pictures to the model, and I noticed how they would always ‘light up’ and have the biggest smile on their face as they were receiving the photo. My belief that things discarded, lost, and forgotten still had value is what fueled me to show their worth and share that happiness.

 From there, I realized that making people smile and doing something that I loved can be how I transform lives in my community. Nearly a year later, I realized that I could never stop sharing the joy of Polaroids with people, and decided to start my own professional Instant Photo business; Polarized Times. I have since then, taken hundreds of shots at birthday parties, events and professional photoshoots all over the Atlanta area. Launching my business and pursuing my dreams.  

          I found my love for Instant Photography because of thrift stores like Clothes Less Traveled that were willing to take in donations of items that would have otherwise been thrown away. They value the potential of each donation to impact the lives of others, not only through their grants and scholarships but also by offering customers unique and quality merchandise in-store. This belief opens opportunities for locals who are struggling, those who just enjoy a good deal, and those, like me, who are setting out on new journeys. Because of their willingness to serve their community, I was able to find my love for vintage cameras, and launch my small business doing something that I love. Polarized Times owes Clothes Less Traveled a huge thank-you for being a place where the community can discover beautiful hidden treasures for and helping me find the desire to impact my community in a special way. One polaroid at a time.

     You can follow Polarized Times and keep up with our journey on Instagram and Facebook at: @PolarizedTimes. Thank you Clothes Less Traveled for the opportunity to impact lives and spread joy through this newly rediscovered craft.

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