Clothes Less Traveled has awarded a Annual Grant of $20,000 to Midwest Food Bank.

Pictured Here – Left: Store Manager Felicia Brown-White, Center Left: Warehouse Manager Jeff Carson, Center:  Executive Director Will Garner, Center Right: Operations Manager Lisa Lowther, Right: Interim Executive Director Pam Reid

Providing food to local nonprofits that distribute it to individuals and families who have fallen on hard times is such vital work. There is no future for our community without the type of relief you provide for the hungry. Amazingly, Midwest Food Bank additionally assists in international disaster relief efforts, and Clothes Less Traveled is honored to support your mission.











Midwest Food Bank currently distributes over $18.5 million worth of food to over 1,700 non-profits each month. We stand ready for disaster relief efforts and can get food-filled relief boxes to those in need, within 24 hours. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the valuable work of our volunteers, and most importantly, the blessings of God, Midwest Food Bank now shares the blessings worldwide. $229 million worth of food was distributed in 2018.