Our Future Begins With Education


My name is Parker Henry and I was a Clothes Less Traveled Scholarship recipient in 2015. I have attended the University of Georgia for the past 4 years and graduated this year with a Bachelor’s of Science in both Atmospheric Science and Geography as well as a Certificate in Water Resources.


I started and ended college with the Zell Miller Scholarship which pays for a portion of class costs. The Zell Miller Scholarship does not, however, cover the fees or housing costs necessary to attend UGA. The CLT Scholarship helped me to cover these costs and allowed me to focus more on school my freshman year without having to worry about falling behind on finances.


My goal in pursuing this degree is to one day work for the National Weather Service. I am still on the path to achieving that career goal. My decision to choose this path was made because I wanted to help guide the public into understanding various weather events and phenomena.


Over my 4 years at the University of Georgia, I have had many amazing opportunities to help the public. I worked as a partner on several weather social media pages around Athens. I covered Hurricane Michael as it passed through Georgia. And in 2017, I helped emergency managers in Athens understand the possibilities of damage for Hurricane Irma. As Spring 2019 has demonstrated, the forces of nature can be truly destructive.


Further understanding of the way that severe weather occurs increases the chance to save lives and property. The Clothes Less Traveled scholarship allowed me to take my first steps into weather science, and for that I am truly grateful. 



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