Clothes Less Traveled has awarded a Annual Grant of $25,000 to Bloom Our Youth.

Pictured Here – Front Row Left to Right: Interim Executive Director Pam Reid, Grants & Communications Manager Kristin Melton, Executive Director Becky Davenport, Secretary/Scholarship Committee Chair on the Board of Directors Micheal Boylan, Bloom Closet Store Manager Lauren Guinn

Back Row Left to Right: Administrative Assistant Abby Norton, Development & Communications Director Mary Normer, Office Manager Nancy Connerat

We are so grateful to have you in our community providing foster care services for local children. The social workers at Bloom provide support to more that 3,000 foster children in Georgia and are still hungry to do more. Plans of expansion include their Bloom Closet. Designed as a children’s boutique, it provides children with clothing, shoes, and school supplies when they so often arrive in the foster system with nothing but the clothes on their back. Clothes Less Traveled is honored to support your mission.


Bloom is a private, nonprofit foster care organization. They recruit, support and train our foster families who give displaced children hope and a home life for the next phase of their lives. They believe every child deserves the chance to be the best person they were meant to be.


Bloom provides safe shelter and physical, educational and emotional support to children who have been victims of abuse, neglect or other tragic circumstances, in order to strengthen them for the next phase of life. Bloom is a family-centered organization that protects, supports, and empowers foster children and the families who care for them.