Our second Re-Style Runway Fashion Show was the fashion event of the season. On September 12, 2019 the red carpet saw the two cover girls from Fayette Woman Magazine, Clothes Less Traveled staff and volunteers, and the Party Divas strut their stuff. Every outfit on display was composed entirely of donated clothing, shoes, and accessories from our generous locals. These beautiful donations are for sale on the racks of CLT every day. Not one ensemble walking the runway cost more than $30, and the thriftiest outfit went for only $8 total! Our New Low Prices make CLT the place to shop for high quality merchandise.

Fayette Woman Magazine and Joyce Beverly’s wonderful team organized and ran the show from inside our shop. The event was streamed live on FaceBook and is now cataloged on our FB page under the videos tab. If you missed either the Fall or Spring Fashion Show you can watch them online anytime! Mrs. Beverly interviews CLT staff, board members, and volunteers all of whom contribute to our great success. She also speaks with the dynamic duo JoLana Anderson and Joan Graham, the cover girls for Fayette Woman Magazine. September was International Friendship Month and this pair’s friendship shines through everything they do. Thank you to the sound crew, videographers, and event planners who made our Fall Fashion Show possible.

Second hand shopping is not only economical; it is environmental; it is humanitarian; it is fashionable! All profits from goods sold at CLT are reinvested into the local community through grants to nonprofits and scholarships to students. We give to nearly 40 different organizations each year. Since our beginning in 1997, over $7,100,000 has returned to the community through us. From organizations such as Southwest Christian Care to Square Foot Ministry to The Joseph Sams School to Midwest Food Bank to the Piedmont Cancer Center and so many others, we support those in need. Healthcare, food, education, and housing are foundations without which no community can thrive.

Thank you for your continuing support whether it is by donating, volunteering, shopping, or all three! Clothes Less Traveled Thrift Shop is where your Purchase has Purpose because we are More than a Store.