Clothes Less Traveled Library Grant

Fayette County Public Library provides a creative, educational, and constructive resource for our community. What do you picture in your mind when you think of a library? Within your mental image of what ‘library’ means is a sunlit space with vibrant children playing with and engaging in the present moment with their family. This library is where families without air conditioned homes find respite from this over-long summer. This library is where a veteran rests his cane against the desk as he uses their computer to pay his bills online. This library is where the movie industry comes to film in a backdrop that our community treasures.


Clothes Less Traveled Library Grant




When visiting the Fayette County Public Library for this photo-op last week, each of these scenarios, each of these services, were happening around us. In that moment, a stroll around the library changed the meaning of ‘library.’





Clothes Less Traveled Library Grant


Clothes Less Traveled is truly honored to help Friends of Fayette County Public Library purchase new activity tables for their children’s department. Before these permanent fixtures existed, they had to schedule ‘Lego Time.’ Department leadership spent time transporting the toys to and fro, and had to look on while disappointed mothers (and certainly more disappointed kids) were told when time was up or that they had missed their opportunity for play all together.



Young children in the library are there to read, of course, but active and engaging play burns off their incredible energy and expands their minds. Mothers now plan get-togethers in this library space because of the fun children of many ages have with one another here. Reading has increased as more family members have something to do instead of just heading home after story times. Lingering to play also means discovering new books to take home and making connections with friends.



Over the years FFCPL has provided books, listening centers, game tables, benches, and Dewey the Library Bear for the Youth Department. They have funded additional computers and a graphic novel nook in the main library. Also, they sponsor the visiting authors’ series, the Blended Heritage Program and other cultural activities.

Friends of Fayette County Public Library

Providing a foundation for the future to grow on is what a library really is, and CLT is a proud supporter of Friends of Fayette County Public Library.

Thank You