Annual Grants

Annual Grants are ONLY considered once per calendar year, in February. Annual grants are intended to provide organizations with financial assistance for general operational expenses during the coming year. For this reason, Annual Grant Awards are dispersed as equal quarterly payments in March, June, September and December. The application deadline for Annual Grants is February 1. Annual Grant Applicants will receive formal notification by mail of Clothes Less Traveled Board decision by March 15. Requests for annual funding must be resubmitted each year. Note: Annual Grant recipients may NOT apply for additional Semi-Annual Grants during any calendar year for which they are receiving annual support, unless it is an emergency request for funding.

Semi-Annual Grants

Semi-Annual Grants are one-time awards for specific events or project needs. There are 2 cycles per year. Application deadlines are March 1 and September 1. Applicants will receive formal notification by mail of Clothes Less Traveled Board decision within six weeks following the cycle application deadline. Organizations can only receive one semi-annual grant award per calendar year.  If the organization is denied a Semi-Annual Grant in the Spring they may reapply in the Fall. *Please note this is a change to our previous guidelines.

Who Can Receive?

Applications are only considered from non-profit organizations serving the South Metro Atlanta Counties of Fayette, Coweta, Clayton, Spalding and the South Fulton Cities of College Park, East Point, Fairburn, Hapeville, Palmetto and Union City. Applicants must be prepared to prove a minimum three year 501(c)3 status with supporting recent financial documentation as requested. Please see the application forms to learn about additional information required for submission. All applications must be complete as incomplete applications will not be considered. You may direct additional questions regarding Annual or Semi-Annual Grant Applications to:

Grant Applications

For your convenience, you can submit your Annual or Semi-Annual Grant Application Form to Clothes Less Traveled online.


Use the button links below to access Online Annual or Semi-Annual Grant Applications. A Save and Continue feature is available for your convenience. Hint: It is helpful to review our grant application to assemble all required documentation for easier submission with your application. Attach all documentation files or forms in the “dropbox” located at the end of the online grant application form and click on the SUBMIT button at the very end. Upon successful submission, you will receive an email confirmation. Please check your spam folder!!!  Formal Grant Approval or Denial will be mailed to all applicants no later than 6 weeks after the grant application cycle DEADLINE.

NOTE: This form is NOT to be printed and submitted as a mail-in grant application.

2019 Annual Grant Recipients