What We Do


One way Clothes Less Traveled impacts our local community is by granting financial funding to charities. We offer Annual Grants once a year and Semi-Annual Grants twice a year in the Spring and Fall. Through this program, we have disbursed over $7 million dollars to our neighbors in need. If your 501c3 non-profit meets our guidelines, please visit our Grants page to apply online.


Another way Clothes Less Traveled contributes to community growth is through college scholarships. Seniors in high school can earn our scholarships through volunteer work here at the Thrift Store. Scholarships are awarded annually in the spring. So students, please plan on volunteering this summer so next year you’re eligible for a scholarship!


The Clothes Less Traveled voucher program provides clothing, household goods, basic furniture, and more to individuals and families that have fallen on hard times. Individuals may shop our Thrift Store for specified items with a “voucher” just as they would with cash. Clothes Less Traveled staff members are also always on hand to provide assistance. Please send inquiries regarding voucher requests to store@clotheslesstraveled.org.